Mark Connors - Write that novel

Mark Connors - author and poet

Ilkley Literature Festival's Open Mic winner for 2014 and 2015!

"Mark Connors delivered an excellent workshop on 'Writing the Voice' in two of our Bradford libraries. The attendees found his session engaging, informative and inspiring. Mark really knows his stuff – he knows how to express the innermost thoughts and feelings of his characters in an authentic, fully rounded way and he was able to encourage others to do the same regardless of where they were on the writing journey. Mark is an intelligent, generous and encouraging tutor who is passionate about writing and the importance of being able to write and to express oneself."
Dionne Hood, Development Officer - Reading and Stock Bradford Libraries - Publishers Publicity Circle 'Librarian of the Year'

Mentoring Service for Writers

I am offering mentoring services for writers. These mentoring sessions can take place at my home in the beautiful village of Farnhill near Skipton, or via Zoom. My services are available to prose writers, poets and anyone in between.

Writers who have used my services before have either wanted specific feedback on their poems and short stories or wanted to discuss projects in their infancy to ascertain how I could help them formulate ideas and themes for their projects.

I have edited the contents of many books during my time as a managing editor for both Half Moon Books, YAFFLE and for other specific projects. I am an experienced writing tutor and have run writing courses for Comma Press, Prole Magazine, Bradford Libraries and I have worked with organisations such as Mind and the mental health charity, HOOT.

I am offering my services for £20 per hour via Zoom for a limited special offer period. I can offer feedback via email or private messenger.

Consultations at my home are available at £50 for a morning session or £100 for the day (10am till 4.30 pm, including a free home-cooked lunch for the all day session).


"At his home, I spent a full day with Mark (10am-4pm, with a stop for lunch). We looked over a story I had written and through several poems I had drafted. Going over it together really helped me to see where I was repeating the same errors. Mark didn't (doesn't, either) discuss work as right or wrong, but managed to find the effects I was hoping to achieve, but was falling short of doing so. Everything was explained, and I was constantly assured that ultimately the choice was mine to make. Rather than a traditional editorial approach, which can feel cold and perhaps even intimidating, Mark offered tailored guidance. Every comment was measured and delivered with honesty, but sensitivity. Listening is definitely a strength needed for this type of role, Mark has that skill in abundance, and applies his ear sharply. I couldn't believe what can be done in a single day. The value for money is exceptional. I got more out of one day than I did some entire terms at university, in terms of getting my writing closer to a publishable standard. Mark also included further written feedback, for the re-drafts of work that will be the new versions of the originals I took along on the day. You could pay a great deal more for tutoring and mentoring of this standard. You'd struggle to get it in a warm, safe environment, with friendly teaching, and with a beautiful, home-made free lunch to boot!"
Ben Cassidy

"I worked with Mark at the inception stage of my one man show. I found that he immediately created a calm and safe atmosphere and felt listened to and acknowledged without judgment. He was an excellent sounding board and very willing to bring in his own life experience to prompt and question my creative process. I left feeling like my concept was more rounded and with a road map to begin writing, as well as book recommendations, reassurance that I was on the right path and valuable writing advice from a lovely man."
Chris Singleton